Funerals costs have rocketed in recent years, putting a huge strain on families across the UK.

The average price of a funeral at today’s prices is £8,126. That’s already an astronomical
figure, however experts predict that by 2020 they’re set to increase in price by 53% – to a total of £12,500.

With no government help available, it’s a very real risk that families may not be able to afford the cost of burial, flowers, catering, and administration costs for their loved ones. *

Thankfully, new funeral plans are offering a solution.

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A funeral plan offers a simple way to spread the cost of a funeral over time.

Typically they cost just a few pounds a week for cover, and the best thing is you’ll ‘lock in’ today’s prices, so the overall cost won’t be unmanageable. Unlike life insurance, you almost certainly won’t need a medical to get accepted either. Most UK residents are eligible, and the sign-up process couldn’t be simpler.

Nobody likes to think about the worst happening, however to avoid a sudden financial burden for their families, thousands of people are now turning to funeral plans to get peace of mind.

Eligible for a Prepaid Funeral Plan? Click your icon below to find out!

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